COVID-19 Update

As you have probably all heard by now that the Corona Virus pandemic is at a crucial stage throughout the world and is something we're taking very seriously. So here is a little update for all of our customers at this very important time. 

We want you to know that we following all the health and safety protocols as our customers are the top priority in this situation.


When placing an order please note that you will get your jewellery pieces. If and when the time comes to stop all orders we will, but everything is still running as normal so shipping to the UK, US and Europe is still acceptable and orders are being shipped and received daily. However, I expect that there will be delays when receiving your order due to coronavirus. 

If there are any changes during this pandemic we will update our customers by social media.

We want all our customers to put trust in us as a company and if there is any uncertainty you can contact us via email or on Instagram.

Stay safe & #StayAtHome