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Is ROSSL jewellery water-resistant?

Absolutely, without a doubt. All of our jewellery is completely resistant to water, sweat, and heat.

This means you can confidently wear it in showers, baths, pools, the ocean, or even during your workouts without a worry!

Does ROSSL jewellery lose its luster or change color?

Not at all. Our jewellery will retain its original brilliance, never fading, tarnishing, or changing color.

Every piece of our jewellery is meticulously coated with PVD vacuum coating technology, ensuring it remains scratch-free and retains its vibrant appearance.

Can your jewellery cause skin discoloration or rashes?

Never. Our jewellery has undergone rigorous testing to ensure all materials used are hypoallergenic.

This guarantees that our jewellery will never lead to skin discoloration or rashes, unlike cheaper jewellery made from zinc or copper, which can cause such issues.

Is ROSSL jewellery plated with authentic gold?

Indeed, our jewellery is plated with a substantial 5-micron layer of Genuine 18 Karat Gold.

We employ ion-bonding technology to provide maximum scratch and water resistance, ensuring durability and lasting beauty.

Do ROSSL items come with a Lifetime Warranty?

Certainly! All our jewelry is backed by a LIFETIME guarantee. If you ever encounter any issues, ROSSL will replace or repair the item for you.

Where are your shipments dispatched from?

Our products are shipped from our UK-based warehouse.

Which countries are eligible for your shipping services?

We offer worldwide shipping to all countries.... No Russia or Morroco Shipments*