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Mens Chains

Our selection of men's chains is a tribute to craftsmanship and versatility. From classic and understated designs to bold and distinctive statements, each chain is meticulously chosen to complement a variety of tastes and occasions. We believe that a well-crafted chain is more than an accessory – it's an expression of individuality and refined taste.

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Silver Cuban - 4mmSilver Cuban - 4mm
Silver Cuban - 4mm Sale price£35.00
Gold Cuban - 4mmGold Cuban - 4mm
Gold Cuban - 4mm Sale price£35.00
Silver Rope - 3mmSilver Rope - 3mm
Silver Rope - 3mm Sale price£35.00
Gold Wheat - 3mmGold Wheat - 3mm
Gold Wheat - 3mm Sale price£35.00
Silver Cuban - 5mmSilver Cuban - 5mm
Silver Cuban - 5mm Sale price£50.00
Gold Cuban - 5mmGold Cuban - 5mm
Gold Cuban - 5mm Sale price£50.00
Gold Rope - 3mmGold Rope - 3mm
Gold Rope - 3mm Sale price£35.00
Silver Wheat - 3mmSilver Wheat - 3mm
Silver Wheat - 3mm Sale price£35.00