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Elevate your style and express your individuality with our stunning jewellery pieces. At ROSSL, we pride ourselves on offering a meticulously crafted range of jewellery that reflects elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty. Whether you're shopping for yourself or searching for the perfect gift, our jewellery collection is designed to make every moment unforgettable.

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3mm Gold Tennis Bracelet with AAA CZ diamonds3mm Tennis Bracelet - Gold
3mm Tennis Bracelet - Silver3mm Tennis Bracelet - Silver
Skull - SilverSkull - Silver
Skull - Silver Sale price$53.00
North Star - GoldNorth Star - Gold
North Star - Gold Sale price$66.00
Crucifix Set - SilverCrucifix Set - Silver
Crucifix Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
Crucifix Set - GoldCrucifix Set - Gold
Crucifix Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Polaris Set - GoldPolaris Set - Gold
Polaris Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Rose Set - GoldRose Set - Gold
Rose Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Save $14.00Ace Of Spades - SilverAce Of Spades - Silver
Ace Of Spades - Silver Sale price$66.00 Regular price$80.00
Save $14.00Ace Of Spades - GoldAce Of Spades - Gold
Ace Of Spades - Gold Sale price$66.00 Regular price$80.00
Gold Cuban - 4mmGold Cuban - 4mm
Gold Cuban - 4mm Sale price$47.00
Gold Rope - 3mmGold Rope - 3mm
Gold Rope - 3mm Sale price$47.00
Silver Wheat - 3mmSilver Wheat - 3mm
Silver Wheat - 3mm Sale price$47.00
Gold Wheat - 3mmGold Wheat - 3mm
Gold Wheat - 3mm Sale price$47.00
Sold outSilver RomanoSilver Romano
Silver Romano Sale price$47.00
Gold Kings Only XGold Kings Only X
Gold Kings Only X Sale price$40.00
Hamsa Set - SilverHamsa Set - Silver
Hamsa Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
Shipping Protection
Shipping Protection Sale price$7.00
Gold Cuban - 5mmGold Cuban - 5mm
Gold Cuban - 5mm Sale price$66.00
Hamsa Set - GoldHamsa Set - Gold
Hamsa Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Medusa Set - GoldMedusa Set - Gold
Medusa Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Medusa Set - SilverMedusa Set - Silver
Medusa Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
North Star Set - GoldNorth Star Set - Gold
North Star Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
North Star Set - SilverNorth Star Set - Silver
North Star Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
World Set - SilverWorld Set - Silver
World Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
World Set - GoldWorld Set - Gold
World Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Trident - GoldTrident - Gold
Trident - Gold Sale price$66.00
Trident - SilverTrident - Silver
Trident - Silver Sale price$66.00
St Christopher - GoldSt Christopher - Gold
St Christopher - Gold Sale price$66.00
St Christopher - SilverSt Christopher - Silver
St Christopher - Silver Sale price$66.00
St Michael - GoldSt Michael - Gold
St Michael - Gold Sale price$66.00
St Michael - SilverSt Michael - Silver
St Michael - Silver Sale price$66.00
Vitruvian - GoldVitruvian - Gold
Vitruvian - Gold Sale price$66.00
Vitruvian - SilverVitruvian - Silver
Vitruvian - Silver Sale price$66.00
Silver Cuban - 5mmSilver Cuban - 5mm
Silver Cuban - 5mm Sale price$66.00
Vitruvian Set - GoldVitruvian Set - Gold
Vitruvian Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Vitruvian Set - SilverVitruvian Set - Silver
Vitruvian Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
Trident Set - GoldTrident Set - Gold
Trident Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
Trident Set - SilverTrident Set - Silver
Trident Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
St Michael Set - GoldSt Michael Set - Gold
St Michael Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
St Michael Set - SilverSt Michael Set - Silver
St Michael Set - Silver Sale price$86.00
St Christopher Set - GoldSt Christopher Set - Gold
St Christopher Set - Gold Sale price$86.00
St Christopher Set - SilverSt Christopher Set - Silver